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The GCC AIR members list carries the database of our members practicing in the GCC as well as international members. You can make use of the search feature to search based on geographic location, name or practicing institute.

The directory only includes information on members who are practicing and have consented to be listed in our public web directory.  Members have the ability to update their profile to help patients identify the physicians who matches their needs.

Information of its members is published as a public service and is intended to provide the public with quick access to information on members of GCC AIR. Neither the database, nor any part of the data, listings, profiles, or other constituent elements may be downloaded, republished, or duplicated, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, purposes of compiling a mailing list or any other list or for any other purposes without the prior express written permission of GCC AIR.

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Dr. Aadil Al Ghafri, FACR, FRCP, MD, MRCP
OMAN, Muscat, Ministry of Health
Dr. Abdallah Kamel, MD, MRCP
EGYPT, Cairo, Dar Al-Fouad Hospital
Prof. Abdelhfeez Moshrif, MD
EGYPT, Assiut, Al Azhar University
Dr. Abdulnasser Housein, MS
IRAQ, Basra, Basra Teaching Hospital
Dr. Abdulrhman Salim, Arab Board
Dr. Abeer Eid, MS
OMAN, Muscat, Private
Dr. Abeer A. Al-Bazali,
KUWAIT, Kuwait City, Al Adan Hospital
Dr. Abiola Senok,
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, College of Medicine, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine & Health Sciences
Dr. Adeeba Alherz, FRCPC
Kuwait, Kuwait City, Amiri Hospital
Dr. Ahlam Almarzooqi, Arab Board, MBBS, MBBS, MRCP
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City
Dr. Ahmed Al Jahwari,
OMAN, Muscat, Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon Armed Forces Hospital
Dr. Ahmed Abogamal,
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group
Dr. Ahmed Zayat, Arab Board
United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, University Hospital Sharjah
Dr. Ahmed Khadrawy, MD
KUWAIT, Kuwait, Al-Azhar
Dr. Ahmed Ali, MD
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Rasalkhaimah, Ibrahmin Bin Hamad Oboidullah Hospital
Dr. Ahmed Ali, MD
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Rasalkhaimah, Ibrahmin Bin Hamad Oboidullah Hospital
Dr. Ahmed AlSuwaidi,
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Sharjah, Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP)
Dr. Ahmed Seri Ibrahim Mohamed, MBBS, MBBS, MD
SUDAN, Khartoum, Sudan Medical Specialization Board
Dr. Ahmed Zayat, MBBS, MBBS, MD, MRCP, MS
Dr. Ahmed Nosir, MS
Dr. Ahmed Alsariri, FRCP
Oman, Muscat, Armed Forces Hospital
Dr. Ahmed Nihal Noufel, MBBS, MBBS
INDIA, Sharjah, Sree Gokulam Medical College
Dr. Ali Alsarhan, MBBS, MBBS
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Aljalila Childrens Hospital
Dr. Ali Aldei, Arab Board, FACR, MD
KUWAIT, Khaldiya, Amiri and Royal Hayat Hospitals
Dr. Ali Alsarhan, Arab Board
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital
Dr. Ali Altaqi, MS
IRAQ, Basrah, Al Faihaa Teaching Hospital
Dr. Amel Ginawi, FRCP
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Mediclinic City Hospital
Dr. Amer Sami Alkhudairy, MS
IRAQ, Basra, Alfayhaa Teaching Hospital
Dr. Amin Elshamy, MS
Dr. Amna Almuhairi, Arab Board
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City
Ms. Andrea McBride,
United Kingdom, Newcastle, Arthur's Place
Dr. Aqeel Muhanna,
KUWAIT, Kuwait City, Al Seef Hospital
Dr. Ashraf Alzawawy, MD
EGYPT, Alexandria, Alexandria University Egypt
Dr. Asia Mubashir, MD
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Dr. Asma Al Jaberi,
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Al Ain, Tawam Hospital
Dr. Asma Wani, PHD
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Ajman, Fatima College of Health Sciences
Dr. Atheer Al Ansari,
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Abu Dhabi, Mediclinic Airport Road
Dr. Atheer Al Ansari, FRCP
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, ABUDHABI, Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital
Dr. Ayesha Alnuaimi, PHD
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Al Kuwait Dubai Hospital
Dr. Ayman Chkhis, MS
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Al Kuwait Hospital - Dubai
Dr. Aziza Alhosni, Arab Board, MRCGP
OMAN, Alkhaboura, Khaboura P olyclinic
Dr. Azzam Maghazachi, MD
KUWAIT, Salmiya, University of Sharjah
Prof. Basant Elnady, MD, PHD
SAUDI ARABIA, Taif, Benha University Egypt, Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital , KSA
Dr. Beena Hamid, MRCP
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai, Kings College Hospital, Dubai
Dr. Catherine Nelson-Piercy,
UNITED KINGDOM, London, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals Trust and Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital
Dr. Chiman Mahmood, MS
IRAQ, Slemany, Shahid Hemn Teaching hospital
Dr. Chra Kawa, MD
IRAQ, Erbil/Iraq, Rizgary Teaching Hospital Erbil/Iraq
Prof. Christopher Edwards,
United Kingdom, Southampton, University Hospital Southampton
Dr. Daiyabu Alhaji Ibrahim, MBBS
NIGERIA, Kano, Bayero University/Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria
Dr. David Kendler,
CANADA, Vancouver, University of British Columbia